Angly at C++ Now!

This year I’ll be presenting a talk about compile-time “reparsing” at C++ Now! (formerly BoostCon).

IMHO last year’s talk about Graph Metaprogramming was a hit, and the weirdest talk at the conference.

This year I’ll try to outdo myself by showing even more template metaprogramming, and by comparing techniques between my Angly, Ábel Sinkovics’ Metaparse, and Eric Niebler’s Proto.

Why do I call it ‘reparsing’?  Well, partly because I’m very tired of the meta- prefix, having read Gödel Escher Bach half a lifetime ago, and want to reserve the prefix for processes applied to themselves rather than just anything to do with metaprogramming.  But also because with each of the tools, the C++ compiler’s parser has already run, and then you want to reinterpret the results through a metaprogram: Angly for angle-bracket expressions, Metaparse for compile-time strings, Proto for runtime expressions.

Here’s a link:

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