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  • Angly at C++Now recap

    As always, C++Now / BoostCon back in May was a blast and I learned a lot.  About a dozen people came to my talk; what was really incredible is that I think everyone knew exactly what I was talking about. Now, I didn’t manage to give the weirdest talk at C++Now this year – that […]

  • Angly at C++ Now!

    This year I’ll be presenting a talk about compile-time “reparsing” at C++ Now! (formerly BoostCon). IMHO last year’s talk about Graph Metaprogramming was a hit, and the weirdest talk at the conference. This year I’ll try to outdo myself by showing even more template metaprogramming, and by comparing techniques between my Angly, Ábel Sinkovics’ Metaparse, and […]

  • Angly is on its way

    I committed the Angly parser to the Boost sandbox (under metagraph).  Fare thee well, sweet child! grodo-mcwoohu:example gordon$ svn commit ../../.. -m “angly parser; remove unneeded deps” Deleting boost/fusion Deleting boost/intrusive Adding boost/metagraph/angly Adding boost/metagraph/angly/detail Adding boost/metagraph/angly/detail/apply_seq.hpp Adding boost/metagraph/angly/dfa.hpp Adding boost/metagraph/angly/dfa_lang.hpp Sending boost/metagraph/fusion_graph/fusion_graph.hpp Sending boost/metagraph/mpl_graph/depth_first_search.hpp Sending boost/metagraph/mpl_graph/detail/incidence_list_graph.ipp Sending boost-build.jam Deleting libs/intrusive Adding libs/metagraph/example/angly_graph_dfa.cpp Adding libs/metagraph/example/angly_graph_parser.cpp […]

  • Angly parsers specified nicely

    I think it’s almost fair to Douglas Hofstadter to say that I lept over a Strange Loop this week. Or at least I evaded one. Specifically, as I mentioned in my last post, I wanted a nicer language for specifying DFA languages. Uh oh! Define the language in terms of itself?  No: we just use […]

  • Angly parser

    I’ve implemented a parser for template expressions.  This will enable EDSLs in the realm of C++ angle brackets. For example, yesterday I created a new syntax for specifying graph metadata: struct A {}; struct B {}; struct C {}; struct D {}; struct E {}; struct F {}; struct G {}; struct t {}; struct […]

  • A few more pictures before I embark –

    I’m going to start posting some weird Metagraph ideas soon.  (I’ve got a DFA parser for angly<type<expressions>> heh).  But for now, a few more pictures. Treehouse from below The kitchen is almost complete. View from inside the kitchen.  

  • More tree pictures

  • Treehouse

    I am living in my treehouse this summer in order to Realize (I hope) the Metagraph.  I’ve been thinking about this data structure for over ten years and I finally have figured out how to implement it, so I have come to solitude to write the code. Some evening pictures: I’ll post some daytime pictures […]

  • MPL.Graph at BoostCon

    Welcome to my new site devoted to news and information about Metagraphs, MPL.Graph, and Fusion.Graph. I was thrilled to present MPL.Graph at BoostCon in Aspen last week.  I had a decent audience of maybe 20 people.  A lot of people got it; others laughed and shook their heads.  I think I remembered to say most […]