MPL.Graph at BoostCon

Welcome to my new site devoted to news and information about Metagraphs, MPL.Graph, and Fusion.Graph.

I was thrilled to present MPL.Graph at BoostCon in Aspen last week.  I had a decent audience of maybe 20 people.  A lot of people got it; others laughed and shook their heads.  I think I remembered to say most of the things I wanted to say and showed a lot of real code.  (I discovered that Fusion.Graph currently fits in a single slide!)

Even better was talking with other library authors about half a dozen other applications for MPL.Graph.  For me, MPL.Graph is the first step toward a particular data structure (the Metagraph), but there are many other places where graph metaprogramming can improve the structure and analysis of programs, as there are many programming language features which are inherently graphlike.

Take a look at some of the possibilities in the paper Introducing MPL.Graph.

Write me directly or through the Boost mailing lists or I’m occasionally grodo on IRC.

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